Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just bought another car as a restoration project, a 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000

With the 350Z technically sold and the arrival of the new car (more on that in another post), I decided to get a classic car as a restoration project.

So I went down to Jag Classic Cars in Damansara Perdana to have a look at a GTV that was up for sale. This was around 11 am (I took leave from work).

The car in question was put up on mudah.my:

The engine started up the first time without any issues. Didn't sound rough and revved nicely, although the spark plugs need replacing plus there might be some wiring issues. No oil leak. So general servicing is in order. Exhaust did not leak fumes either.

Indicators and electronics worked brilliantly - only the fuel gauge didn't work (indicators, brake lights, head lights, speedo etc all worked). Air conditioning worked really well - the car was well cooled.

Checked the car as best as I could for rust - wheel arches, boot / spare tyre section etc. Crawled under the car but I wasn't able to see anything to fret about (only way to find out is when I send it in for a respray and touch up).

All the fittings were there and in brilliant condition - Alfa symbols, even the fuel cap was original. The previous owner must have sourced or refurbished them. The seats need some reupholstering though but I love the biege / cream colour, so the original seats will be kept. Oh and I'm going to rechrome the bumpers and other fittings for that nice 'contrast' look.

The rubber seals looked fresh without cracks or signs of deteoration (looked new actually). The car was supposedly painted a few years back but some parts had scrapes and cracks. Red was the original color judging from the engine bay. The door locks need work - driver's side cant be opened from the outside - passenger's side door cant be opened from the inside! Windows winded up fine.

Did two test drives (morning and afternoon - deliberated for over a day before I decided) and the car handled really well (no off-center steering feel) and the suspension was excellent (no rattles either).

Needless to say, I sealed the deal with a handshake and now am a proud owner of a Alfa Smile.

Car is currently going through the Puspakom inspection and transfer process. Can't wait to start work on the Red Baron!


Firdaus Asri said...

Very immaculate condition! I'm sure in few months time, it'll look even better :)

Loki said...

Hehe thanks dude, I tried to find the best GTV unit I could find in the country that was purchasable.

Give me a few months and it will be concourse level.

Jubaque said...

Classic... very nice!
Please update with more pixies!


Loki said...

Will do! Once the Puspakom process is done and the car makes it way to the workshop (under its own power), I'll take more pics of the restoration process :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there Loki,
My family have a 200 GTV.
Any idea on where we can start on the restorations? Especially where to get the parts or anyone in Malaysia specialized in selling these parts or restoring a AR 200 GTV?
Many thanks! :)


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Crystal Clear Headlights said...

It's been a long time since I had a classic car restoration myself. Thanks you, you inspired me once again.