Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top Gear America

Anyone watched it yet?

If you take the Yankee stuff with a grain of salt, a good effort and it makes the Australian version look a bit amateurish... Still, the budget is probably 100 times bigger. Nice skids as well. 

Another plus point, one of the hosts is Tanner Faust - who knows his stuff and the man can drive. And no, I'm not a drift junky. 

Definitely worth a look.

No youtube copy of Episode 1, so you'll have to view it on HD at

1992 R32 GTR Skyline Going For RM85,000

This car came up for sale in the Zerotohundred Skyline Club forum

This BNR32 is being imported into Malaysia, from the UK, on a student AP. As such, ownership is not transferable until two years has lapsed starting from the time the car is registered.

Note: If the student were to die, the new owner has to make sure that a signed transfer application to a relative of the student is ready - not to mention the transfer of ownership form signed by the relative to the new owner as well. Talk about complicated but here is a chance for someone to own an old school Godzilla.

80,xxx kms


import car from uk. use student AP.
cash buyer only. tiptop condition.

Efendi - 0104265404 / 0192128085


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BBC Top Gear Australia: A scientific look into what kind of cars attract women

The R33 GTR appealed the most to the ladies - beating other cars like the Porsche 911 GT3 and the MGB Roadster.

With anything Top Gear related, take it with a pinch of salt but a funny episode nonetheless ;).

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

R33 GTR Upgrades: N1 Oil Pump, N1 Water Pump, HKS Oil Cooler and Pitwork Timing Belts

The GTR is having these parts installed while I'm out of the country:

 Nissan N1 Oil Pump

Nissan N1 Water Pump

Pitwork BCNR33 Service Kit (Belts)

HKS Oil Cooler

Once these items are installed, the car will undergo internal engine upgrades sometime in the first half of 2011. After that, the R33 will go in for painting.

In the meantime, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas from where I am!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

R33 GTR Upgrades: Nissan Factory R33 GTR Series III Xenon Headlights

The Nissan Skyline GT-R R33, codenamed BCNR33, was first launched in 1995. The car went through three stages or three series of variations before production ended in 1998. My BCNR33 is a Series II according to it's build plate and tell tale exterior features.

In February 1997, the Series III adopted xenon headlights. Now as you might already well know, most car nowadays feature this lighting technology as it makes things easier to see in the dark. It also makes the car appear "cooler" what with the clean and crisp white lights. Hence, I wanted to get a set of Series III headlights for my Series II.

Unfortunately, they aren't easy to source but fortunately, thanks to Eu Jin from JDM Auto Link, I was able to get my hands on a set. Wasn't cheap though but these are rare as hens teeth. Had to wait for a month plus but here they are (thanks Eu Jin!):

 Here they are being installed and its almost plug & play

So from that ...

 ... to this!

Definitely money well spent and it totally changes the way the car looks. Somewhat more refreshed and updated. Not to mention the brightness and clarity of the xenons are really night and day from the old halogens (something I've experienced with my other cars), hence this improves safety and motoring vision. 

Very happy with how this upgrade turned out.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Skyline Club of Malaysia's Family Day BBQ

Thanks to the efforts of Azmir Zainuddin, PIMPIN and Feedzya, Malaysian Skyline owners (myself included) had an awesome day today in Janda Baik. The trio had organised a BBQ for the club and it was a great way to end the year in the company of like minded people & friends. 

At last count, there were:
1 x R33 GTR
2 x R32 GTR
3 x R34 GTR
3 x R33 GTS
4 x R32 GTS
6 x R34 GTT

The Petronas station after the Karak Highway Toll (where I met up with the convoy, some 18 Skylines in a pack!)

The convoy making our way to Janda Baik (I was third from the front by this time)

The road got a little bit twisty as we got nearer to the BBQ venue

Then it got a little bit more smaller as we got closer to our destination

It was a very scenic drive as the lush greenery around us made it not so much a journey but more of an adventure

Finally arrived at the venue and being welcomed by our generous host hehe!

The boys slowly getting their cars parked as we prepared to head on down to the BBQ area and the river - it was awesome to see so many Skylines together

Holy Skylines Batman!

Everyone parked and we slowly made our way into the house

We were greeted with this sight - a great BBQ chill out area and a lovely river in which the kids (there were some 'big' ones mind you) to swim in

The lovely venue which is a private home of one of the club members - it was very kind of him to open it up and made arrangements for the BBQ

The food that Azmir and the boys had brought with them were being cooked - smelled heavenly!
There was more awesome food being cooked but this was my only shot of the feast as I was too busy eating to take more pictures!

It was Azmir's birthday today and so his wife along with PIMPIN surprised him with a birthday cake! :) Happy birthday again dude!

All good things must come to an end and we slowly started to line up as a convoy for the drive back to KL

... not before an impromptu night run along the twisty b-roads of Janda Baik! Felt really good to be doing it with other Skylines!

Thanks again boys! Was a great day that ended well and looking forward to the next event!

R33 GT-R Upgrades: Recent mods in pictures

A lot of changes have taken place in recent weeks and the car is better for it.

So without futher ado, lets list down what has been done so far with pictures (was unable to take a picture of the Goodridge Braided Brake Hose):

Installed: The Tomei Fuel Regulator Type L and the Cusco Oil Catch Tank

A closer look at the Tomei Fuel Regulator - both the regulator, along with the Tomei Fuel Pump, have made a major positive contribution to how the car accelerates

The Cusco Oil Catch Tank - only time will tell if it really helps the engine

The Nismo Aluminium Shift Knob - feels so much better now when shifting

The Whiteline swaybars and bushings installed - the car feels really planted and the suspension well dampened - almost feels like a brand new car!

New Apexi Power Intake Pod Filters - engine runs smoother

BCNR33 4 Pot Front Brembos (with new brake pads and rotors skimmed) - amazing stopping power

BCNR33 Rear 2 Pot Brembos (with new brake pads and rotors skimmed)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New parts for the R33 GTR: Okuyama Carbing, Nismo, Apexi, Volk Racing

I was overseas these past few days and I've just returned from the airport.

Was fortunate enough to find time in between meetings to go out and grab the following parts:

- Okuyama Carbing Pedal Set (silver).
- Okuyama Carbing Air Diversion Plate Aluminium

- Apexi Power Intake Replacement Pod Filters
- Nismo Aluminium Shift Knob (10mm 5 speed)
- Volk Racing GT Center Caps for the RE30s (4 pieces - low)

I'll put these on as soon as possible.

Now, let's recap what my mechanic has installed over the weekend (pictures to follow once I get the car back tomorrow):

- BCNR33 4 and 2 Pot Brembo Calipers

- Tomei Fuel Pump (output 590PS 276 L/h)
- Tomei Fuel Regulator Type L
- Cusco Oil Catch Tank
- Goodridge Brake Hose (6 PCS)
- Whiteline Swaybar-h/duty Blade adjustable
- Whiteline Camber adj kit - upper c/arm x 2
- Whiteline Arm-adj upper radius-camber/toe
- Whiteline Swaybar-x h/duty Blade adjustable
- Superpro Castor Rod Bushes

Can't wait to see the car!

Friday, December 3, 2010

R33 GTR Upgrades: Whiteline Suspension Parts, Tomei Fuel Pump, Tomei Fuel Regulator Type L and Cusco Oil Catch Tank Being Installed

The Whiteline R33 GTR suspension parts have been fitted.

Pictures to follow as I'm busy with work and will be flying out of the country in a couple of hours.

My mechanic will be installing the Tomei Fuel Pump (output 590PS 276 L/h), Tomei Fuel Regulator Type L and the Cusco Oil Catch Tank over the weekend.

Stayed tuned!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

R33 GTR Upgrades: Nismo Engine and Gearbox Mounts Installed

Lets be honest. The R33 GTR is a 13 year old car. Over time, parts on the vehicle will get worn out. When this happens, you lose performance and drivability. Which leads us to the problem of tired engine mounts. What tends to happen is clutch judder when moving the car from rest and shifting is less precise at higher RPMs. Not to mention its discomforting as a vehicle owner, to sit in a car that shakes (slightly). Enter the Nismo mount.

"Upgrade tired and beat up OEM engine and transmission mounts with the units from Nismo. Nismo mounts are 30-40% stiffer which makes motor shake less at idle and the Nismo transmission mount provides precise shifting at high rpm from reduced motor/transmission movement"

With that official Nengun brief out of the way, it should be said its worth upgrading / refreshing your mounts if you are looking to increase your car's engine power (well torque really). This is paramount if you harbor plans on doing any track work in the future, as the engine tends to rock during heavy usage and worn engine mounts can cause other serious problems (like a broken front differential). Plus nice new, stiff mounts will give you the added benefit of extra response as normally when you mash the throttle, some of that instant torque is lost in deflecting the engine mounts. With stiffer mounts, the torque travels through the drive train instead.

I was fortunate enough to source Nismo engine and gearbox mounts last month and had them lying around ready to be installed. Here they are, nicely packed up:

Definitely noticed a difference after the installation. The car idles better and there is less vibration when driving at higher speeds. The new mounts are stiffer than the original units. Launches are smoother, whether you are accelerating casually or aggressively. And lets face it, 13 year old mounts are not going to cut it. They need replacing and rather get OEM mounts, I decided to swap in Nismo ones for long term security. Lastly, Nismo mounts are solid compared to the liquid / gel filled center on the OEM mounts, so in that sense, the Nismo parts are superior.

The car at my mechanic's workshop

The old engine mount still in place

A clearly very tired engine mount that was taken out

Compare the old and the new (the Nismo engine mount is on the right)

Clearly compressed and the exterior is flaking off

The Nismo engine mount installed

The gearbox mount out and it too is clearly worn out

The Nismo gearbox mount, ready to go in

All done! Till the next mod! Whiteline suspension parts!