Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Autocar UK takes the new Polo GTI for a proper spin

Autocar UK is one of the first few magazines to drive the all-new Polo GTI. It sports a 132kW engine, a super-quick 7-speed DSG and weighing in only at 1200kg - this baby GTI clearly has the necessary ingredients to make for a hot little hatch but whats the initial verdict?
“There’s enough ground-covering pace – grip levels are par for the course and traction is very good thanks to an electronic differential lock. The steering, though, for all its accuracy, delivers little back to the driver and there’s little adjustability in the chassis.

The Polo will only ever partly allow disengagement of its stability control and even on the road it’s easy to trouble it. The GTI rolls a bit, grips, reaches its limit, the tyres squeal so you know about it, the body is a bit unsettled, an ESP light flashes, then you just sit it out until the corner ends and you head off again. Competent, but very sterile.”

I think they are being overly critical here - this was the same criticism that the MK6 Golf GTI copped from journalists when it was first released. I reckon if one were to mod the car with some nice performance bits (remap, suspension etc), you'll have one heck of a track / weekend car. Rumour has it that the car will retail at around the RM150k price range when launched in November and this will just blow away the competition (Alfa Romeo's Mito).

Anyway, I will reserve judgement till the car arrives on Malaysian shores. In the meantime, you can watch the video review below or have a read of the text version by clicking on this


Firdaus Asri said...

RM150K?? Better sell my car fast hahahaha

Loki said...

Hehehe, well, thats what someone on the VW Golf Club of Malaysia forum said. He had spoken to a rep from F.A. Wagen, so it could just be wild guess.

Firdaus Asri said...

True I doubt they can sell at RM170k which salesman of Alfa Romeo been mentioning to me few days ago....