Monday, July 5, 2010

Golf R Test Driver

Received this in the mail the other day - a large blue envelope with Volkswagen's .:R logo embossed on it. Unfortunately, its from my mailbox in Australia.

Ah well, if only Volkswagen Malaysia were carry out such promotions. Or maybe I'll fly down to Melbourne in a week or two.

Its essentially a letter from Volkswagen Australia, inviting former Golf R32 owners to ring up any VW dealership in their city for the Golf R experience. Enclosed with the letter is a Golf R lanyard, complete with a pass that has your name on it. I imagine the Golf R experience would be a personal viewing and a subsequent comprehensive test drive of the new R.

Hurry up and bring in the Golf R already, Volkswagen Malaysia! I'm thinking of dropping by one of their dealerships here and putting down a deposit.


Firdaus Asri said...

I paid a visit to FA Wagen yesterday about the R. Should be coming around end of the year with ~RM270k pricetag. Very yummy!

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