Saturday, March 26, 2011

Repainted my Volk Racing RE30s

I decided that the bronze look wasn't working out and called on the services of Darren from Autodetailer. My previous car, which was a manual track-spec 350Z, had been detailed by Darren in early 2010. Hence, I knew the car would be in good hands, if not the best in town. Since I was going to be out of the country for a bit, the R33 was and still is, at Darren's batcave in Jaya One.

I was initially stumped with trying to decide what pattern or colour to paint the rims. My first thought was to turn the rims glossy black and have the lips painted red, to look something like this:

But after sleeping on it, I decided that such a paint scheme was just too plain hectic and might be deemed untasteful among certain quarters. So it was back to the drawing board.

I eventually decided to play it safe and go for a tried & tested two-tone look. This paint scheme is actually carried by Volk Racing from the factory - heres an example:

I was pretty sure that this paint scheme would work out, especially after I saw the following pictures of a silver Porsche 997TT with matte black rims and chromed lips:

And so, before heading to the airport, I dropped the GT-R off at Darren's and was overseas for a couple of days. The trip was pretty tiring but all the aches & pains went away, after I received an e-mail last night. Attached to it was a picture.

This is the end result of Darren's work and I'm mighty pleased with how the project turned out. Can't wait to see them on the car and a big shout out to Autodetailer for making it happen!


Razlan Radzi said...

Looks good bro. Can't wait to see it on the car with a little drop in ride height.

Simple but tasteful. Btw, the first pic was also a nice option and who cares what 'certain quarters' think bro - your GTR your rules.

skzzi said...

Looks good!!! Mind giving me ur contact bro?

my email

Thinking of re-spraying my Advan RS.

Anonymous said...

Hey Loki,

how much did it costs to spray all 4 of the rims? Thinking of spraying my stock Civic Type R rims.

Btw, being curiously. What's ur real name? You're a Chinese right? Based on the way you been blogging :)

Looking forward to meet you in person one day.

Loki said...

Razlan: Thanks dude and true dat! =)

skzzi: Sure man, you can e-mail me at Have a long think about how you want the Advans to compliment the overall look of your car :).

Anonymous: Good work doesn't come cheap (but well worth it), so its roughly four figures (and the first number is not 1, sadly) :/.

Unfortunately friend, I am unable divulge my real name due to personal reasons ;). And I'm actually Malay. What made you assume that I was Chinese?? :)