Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amazing R35 GT-R High Speed Crash Video!

Repost courtesy of a fellow R33 Skyliner, King Rat from Adventures in Motoring:

It looked like the black / dark grey R35 was embroiled in a street race with another car, which appears to be a seventh gen Honda Accord Euro R (CL7) or a Volkswagen Jetta Mark 5. This appears to be somewhere in Europe (and I was right - its Moscow).

The R35 was on outside lane during the race and must have ran out of space, as it tried to pass on the inside. Unfortunately, the R35 clipped a stationary vehicle at start of the video and it's right wheel came off (this wheel then rolls away and hits a Chevrolet Cruze on the opposite side of the road).

Upon clipping the car, the R35 swerves into the fast lane and barely misses hitting the Accord. Missing its front right wheel now, the R35 is out of control and smashes into a yellow car and subsequently after that, barrels into a row of stationary vehicles.

Surprisingly, a large part of the R35 survived intact (the left side anyway), as we can see it trundling out of the camera's view, intertia pulling it forward.

Well, what can you say? Clearly racing on public inner-city streets is a big no no, boys and girls.

Update: You can read all about it + pictures at 

"The latest addition to our ‘street racing isn’t cool’ file comes from Moscow, Russia where a late model Nissan GT-R exceeded its high limits at the wrong moment and stacked into three parked cars.

While most of us would give our left nut to own a R35 GT-R the driver of this one has no worries tearing through a city street at reckless high speeds. Onlookers claimed he was street racing and failed to flick the car left after passing another car from the right. The result is four damaged vehicles of which three are most likely written off, the worst being an innocent parked SUV that was flung into the air.

Unfortunately for the loose GT-R driver, CCTV cameras caught the antics from two different viewpoints meaning this street racer is fully nicked.

Check out the video of the GT-R crash below, and remember street racing isn’t cool".

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trouble maker said...

nicely done , not seen the photo b4 ! . Moscow`s not in Europe .