Tuesday, August 23, 2011

S13 Update: Late Model S13 Front Bumper & Side Skirt

I'll say it again - stock is best. 

I wasn't too pleased with the bodykit that came with the S13. The Origin Widebody 20mm kit is great but the URAS body parts on the car are just a tad bit too loud, and the overhangs are excessive. For example, its really difficult to jack the car up bacause of the flaring URAS sideskirts. Now, if you were going to be actively driving at Sepang's International Circuit, your going to have a hard time changing tyres or making small corrections to the car's suspension. I don't know how drifters do it but the URAS bodykit had to go!

Another thing that needed to be removed was the rear bootlip spoiler, which doesn't really compliment the car. It also doesn't have that much aerodynamic properties. I've always been a fan of the S13 hellaflush look anyway.

Although I have to admit, I did have some moments where I thought to myself "Hmmm, it doesn't look actually that bad..."

I even had some Fatlace / Stance:Nation moments, which was 50/50 at best, in terms of how I felt about the car's looks.

But unfortunately, the URAS kit still had to go and I proceeded to google up some alternatives. Now since I've always been a fan of the stock look, I decided to search for a late model S13 front halfcut. Thanks to Ben Jamin, a good friend of mine, I managed to find one:

A front halfcut like this is quite rare in Malaysia and normally we don't get a lot of S13 bodyparts. There seems to be a general preference for the 180SX and thus, hatchbacks greatly outnumber S13 Coupes. Thats good for me because that makes my car that much rarer and unique.

With the front bumper procured, the next step was to find matching sideskirts. Thanks to Joe-Han from Drifthouse, I managed to get a pair of Trust Gracer (GReddy) S13 sideskirts :). I decided to leave the URAS rear bumper skirting as it matches well with the new bodyparts.

With the necessary ingredients in hand, the S13 was sent to the paint shop and this was the end result! Thanks to Chris from Exquisite Auto Haus for the great job on colour coding the bodyparts and putting them on the car :).

Shes looking mighty fine now, eh? If that was not enough, I removed the bootlip spoiler too and now its sporting the hellaflush look! You can't beat a S13 when it comes to carrying off the clean look! Just superb and I'm very happy with how things turned out!

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mcivice199_6x said...

do you have that bootlip wing still. ill buy it.