Friday, September 16, 2011

S13 Update: Engine Rebuild

With the R33 GT-R nearing where I want it to be in terms of performance and appearance, I've decided to focus my attention on the S13 Coupe.

As such, the car is currently underdoing an engine rebuild. It will be sporting a new turbo, forged pistons, intercooler and a whole lot of other performance parts. I am targeting for the rebuilt engine to make 380whp to 400whp. I'm looking for useable power and not large hp numbers, seeing as this car is meant for the track. I might upgrade to a Garrett GT30 in the future (for top-end power) but I first need to familiarise myself with the car and its handling characteristics.

To this end, the following parts have been requisitioned:
  • Garrett GT2871R Ball Bearing Turbo
  • Tomei Cam 270 Procam
  • Tomei Valve Spring
  • Tomei Cam Gear
  • Tomei Rocker Arm Stopper
  • Trust Type R Intercooler (GT-R spec)
  • Titan Retainer
  • Supertech 86.5 Forged Piston Set
  • Cometic Metal Head Gasket
  • OEM Rebuild Gasket Kit for SR20DET
  • Turbosmart Ultra-Gate38
  • Jun Intake Manifold
  • Custom Banana Exhaust Manifold
  • Custom Exhaust System
Some of the parts have arrived while others will be brought in according to when they are needed (like the turbo for example). From time to time, I will be posting up reviews on some of the rebuild parts.

At this moment in time, my S13 has had it's engine bay resprayed and the car is currently being fully rewired. The reason for this is that the rebuilt engine will be controlled by a Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 Engine Management System (EMS). The rewiring is also for peace of mind.

Stay tuned for future S13 Updates!

The Tomei parts have already arrived
The SR20 taken out and the engine bay being prepped for painting
My S13's engine bay has been repainted white! :)


CGS Motorsports said...

I like your new parts and specs for your re-modelling. It would certainly bring the car to its top peak condition.

CGS cat back exhaust said...

Rebuilding engine is fun. Especially if you want to overcome the specs of your previous performance. You'll love your car once again.