Monday, July 25, 2011

R33 GT-R Update: Nismo 320km/h Speedometer Installed


Being an old car, the factory R33 GT-R speedometer needed replacing. There were certain tell-tale signs - some of the gauges weren't really all that accurate (the water temp needle for example) and the backlight wasn't as bright as it used to be or should be.

 Nismo to the rescue

Seeing as the car is now capable of reaching higher levels of speed (thanks to the newly rebuilt forged engine), it was time to install Nismo's version of the GT-R speedometer. The reasons being that the max speed limit on the Nismo unit is not stuck at a boring Japanese 180km/h and the rev counter goes all the way up to a whopping 11,000 rpms. Now I'm not sure if I'll abuse the car and push it to those limits, but at least the speed needle won't be bouncing off the 180km/h marker anymore.

And last but not least... When the sun goes down and your sitting in the dark - you turn the ignition key and flick on the headlight switch - at that very moment, you just can't help but feel a sense of satisfaction and pride. It's almost like driving a brand new car, which is true to a certain extent.

Big shoutout to Miguel from for helping me with this upgrade.


Razlan Radzi said...

Damn! Didn't expect it to light up so brightly. Good buy!

Loki said...

Thanks bro :). Worth every penny!