Monday, July 18, 2011

Spare Engine Rebuild Update: Haltech Platinum Pro

Yesss!!! My Haltech Platinum Pro Plug & Play R33 Engine Management System (including a 3 bar map sensor) has arrived from Australia!!!

Decided to switch from my Apexi Power FC with Commander to the Haltech Platinum Pro, due to the following reasons:
  • User definable X- & Y-axis for fuel, ignition and boost
  • 32x32 high res mapping
  • VE Tuning (Volumetric Efficiency)
  • MAF (no longer have to balance air fuel mixtures correctly)
  • Advanced intelligent knock control
  • CAN communication (really works as promised!)
  • Closed loop idle control
  • Speed density (more power)
  • Launch control 
  • N-VCT (Nissan Variable CAM Timing Control)
Thats just a few of the Haltech's features. Full details:

The Power FC is no longer in production and is technically a 10 year old technology, reliant on AFM readings (which is a pain to balance for twin turbos) plus it only has 20x20 resolution, does not have a ignition cut feature (fuel cut only) = limited tuning features when it comes to modified higher horsepower engines.

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