Tuesday, August 23, 2011

R33 GT-R Update: Carbing Air Diversion Plate

A radiator cooling plate is a device that helps direct air to flow from a car's grille straight to it's radiator. This promotes better cooling as more air flows through the radiator fins. The plate is installed between the front grille and the top section of the radiator. They are normally made out of aluminium but you do get some carbon fibres ones as well.

What normally happens is that, air escapes from the top of radiator instead of going through the radiator. Cooling plates help restrict the escaping air and divert it to where it really needs to go.

The results? It actually works! I've noticed that when the engine is fully warmed up, the water temperature reading is lower by 10% - 20% and this was after the Carbing Air Diversion Plate had been installed. Its amazing how something so small can have a positive effect on a car. Plus it makes the engine bay look that much nicer!

Why Carbing you might ask? Well...

Since the establishment of OKUYAMA Co.,Ltd. as an After-Market Auto Parts Manufacturer in 1977, Carbing has been developing various parts including Roll Bars, Strut Bars and Body Reinforcement Parts.

The company has their own motor sports team, “TEAM OKUYAMA”, that has been aggressively participating in Japanese domestic motor sport competitions like JAPAN NATIONAL DIRT TRIAL CHAMPIONSHIP as well as JAPAN GYMKHANA CHAMPIONSHIP. Team Okuyama became Champions in Class D (unlimited modifications) at the JAPAN GYMKHANA CHAMPIONSHIP for 3 consecutive years (1988-1990).

They also became the Series Champion in 1993 with their Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I at JAPAN NATIONAL DIRT TRIAL CHAMPIONSHIP. And in 2003 they were Champions again with their Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III.

All of Carbing's modification parts have been developed/manufactured using the practical data that had been acquired in the above-mentioned competitions.

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