Sunday, August 21, 2011

R33 GT-R Update: Defi-Link Display, Defi-Link Control Unit II & Defi-Link BF Boost Meter

Stock is best in my book. Thats the reason why I've been very conservative thus far with GT-R's outward appearance.

The same principle applies to the interior, as I'm not one to go bonkers on flashy gauges and large display LCDs. Nonetheless, I need to know whats going in the engine bay, in light of the car's new power output. Things like having an accurate reading of the RB26's oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure and so forth, are crucial to ensure the longevity of the newly rebuilt 2.6L engine. But how do we avoid the problem of having too many gauges cluttering up the dashboard? Not only do they attract the unwanted attention of thieves, by having too many sensors drilled into your engines bits, it will create unnecessary stress points all over the block.

Enter the Defi-Link Display.

Defi-Link Display is a multipurpose monitor which provides information on speed, oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, and exhaust temperature by connecting to the Defi-Link Control Unit II or the Defi-Link Control Unit.

Real-time digital information includes speed, oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure and exhaust temperature. Sensor sets need to be purchased separately to display the information on pressures and temperatures.

Vehicle performance data and peak values are placed in memory for 3 minutes, allowing examination of data after running the vehicle.
*Defi-Link Control Unit II has a 3 minute memory. Defi-Link Control Unit has a 40 second memory.

The Warning LED lights when the set warning value is exceeded for oil temperature, water temperature, exhaust temperature and engine RPM. The Warning LED lights when measured value drops below the set warning value for oil pressure and fuel pressure.

Defi stopped producing this particular display in 2010, so I was fortunate that my tuner sourced a unit along with some goodies; a Defi-Link Control Unit II and a Defi-Link BF Boost Meter. All three were in good condition and we got them for a steal. Even though Defi now offers a more advanced display, which is the Defi-Link Meter ADVANCE ZD, I don't really fancy the new look (garish gold backlight), it's is too big (awkward to mount) and I'm fine with having only two readings on display at any one time. The rev counter is a nice feature but not necessary and there's standalone products like Shift-I's Progressive Shift Indicator, which does the exact same thing.

Defi-Link Control Unit II is a necessary controller to install Defi-Link Meters, Defi-Link Meter BFs, and Defi-Link Displays. Up to 7 gauges and displays can be connected and controlled by one Control Unit II. Defi-Link System allows gauges and displays to be attached to Defi-Link Control Unit II with a single daisy chain wiring system. Driving data can be stored and can be replayed up to 3 minutes. Pause, speed play, forward, and rewind function can be applied during playback.

As for the Defi-Link BF Boost Meter, press the play button in the flash animation below and you'll be able to see how the unit activates once the ignition key is switched on:

And here is the end result :). Quite pleased with how things turned out as I hate the look of gauges scattered all over the interior. However, as I had mentioned earlier, it is necessary to know the parameters of your engine and the Defi device helps with this. So to reiterate, I've found the Defi-Link Display to be convenient since it's small and more importantly, allows me to monitor the GT-R's 'health' through a series of readings. They are essentially; water temp, oil temp, fuel pressure, oil pressure and exhaust gas temperature. Imagine if you had to get gauges for all of those things .That would be one heck of a lot of gauges. Also, peak / warning settings are a breeze to configure, and with the built-in warning feature, trouble parameters can also be set easily. 

Oh and lastly, it looks pretty darn good too, especially at night.

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