Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wait for the Volkswagen Golf R or get the MK6 Golf GTI / Scirocco 2.0TFSI?

I've been mulling over this throughout the weekend (pics courtesy of

After having sat in a Stage III Volkswagen MK5 Golf GTI, I've come to the conclusion that unless Audi / Euromobil introduces the Audi S5 / RS5 or TTS / TT RS any time soon, I'm going to swap the 350Z out for either MK6 GTI or a Golf R (R20). And before someone asks why the Scirocco R was not included, the answer is simple, all wheel drive (AWD). Due to Malaysia's tropical rainstorms, front wheel driven cars are handicapped when the roads are wet (wish the Rocco R came with AWD damnit).

As far as I can tell, the R20 will not be arriving in Malaysia until the end of the year. Hence, the MK6 GTI is the I-can't-be-bothered-to-wait-for-the-R20 option. Basically any non-engine upgrade that was available for the MK5 will be applicable to the MK6. ECU upgrades are already out, and engine upgrades are starting to trickle in.

Now, if you were to think long and hard, the car to get is the R20 - beyond a doubt. Why? There is only a 125KG weight penalty this time for the Golf R over the GTI (as compared to the 200KG in the R32 vs MK5 GTI) and the R20 has the S3's engine. It can be pushed even further for less $ and that AWD system will simply destroy the GTI in acceleration.

A MK5 Golf GTI with Stage III upgrade is pretty expensive (Stage III w/ intercooler, fuel pump, air intake and full exhaust). This will give you 285KW and 450NM and allow the car to do 0 to 100 in around 5.6 seconds. It is also recommended that you upgrade the suspension and brakes, which will increase costs.

So for the price of a Stage III GTI (without the brake/suspension upgrades) you could technically get a Golf R. It only has 200KW/350NM but because of the AWD it will do 0-100 in 5.5 seconds. The car also already comes with better suspension and brakes. With a ECU update it will easily do 240KW/435NM and finish the 0 to 100 sprint in close to 5 seconds, maybe even under!

To wait or not to wait - that is the question. Bleh.

Disclaimer: The tropical spec "R" engine is rated at a lower 256hp & 330Nm which roughly translate to a 5% drop in hp & 6% drop in torque. As such all "R" exported to hot weather countries are tropicalised. Hence the 0 to hundred in 5.7 seconds rather than 5.5 seconds.


Firdaus Asri said...

Bro, ditching 350Z for Golf R? Golf R may be torquer and offers grip but driving RWD like 350z feels more balanced don't they? Top up a bit for 135i hehehehe

Loki said...

Firdaus, haha, I wish man. Twin-turbo straight six-cyclinder goodness but unless its a used or recon 135i, RM400k plus would be a bit out of my reach. And I don't think I'd be able to have my way with a car that costs that much - you'd be too scared to throw the thing around for fear of damaging something that costs nearly half a mill!

And its true about RWD but I've come to realise that AWD is the way to go when it comes to our rain-once-a-day weather.

Mohamed Rigval Reza said...

hmm...250bhp/350Nm awd golf r....good chassis but looks wise its a very understated hatchback. After the 350z its a downgrade IMO. And knowing Golfs, they're fast, but slightly clinical. The 350z is a brute which I like as its so ol skool muscle car in terms of performance. You already got an inconspicuous SUV, why buy another?

I say look at the 135i. Yes it rains, but no one goes to ulu yam when its raining unless you're a drift king. And you're not gonna belt the car in the middle of Kl when it rains are you?

One AWD (your Q5) is enuff. get another rwd.

or then again, what's 350nm? you go get an evo9 or a impreza sti gdb f or the new sti hatch, change the turbine/cams and you're pushing 460nm. the golf/audi brigade can't touch either (especially in sepang). and there's no lag (on the evo) if done properly. yes you may say these aren't as refined as a golf. again, you already got the q5 for refinement and practicality.

If you didnt have the Q5 I'd ask you to go for the Golf R anytime.


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