Thursday, April 1, 2010

Volkswagen Golf Club Malaysia TT at Warung Belly

Went for the VGCM TT weekly TT (teh tarik / meet up) at Warung Belly last night, with the two modyourfast duo - k3v and R32.

Was a strong turnout (at least 10 plus cars) and supposedly, this is a normal occurrence (sometimes even more). There was even a stock blue VR6 2.9 Corrado, one of only two in the country. Talk about semangat'ness'. 350Z weekly get-togethers pale in comparison hehe. It reminded me of my Melbourne Golf GTI Club meet ups.

Needless to say, having owned a 2007 VW MK5 Golf GTI and a 2008 Golf R32, it was great meeting these guys. It was also good to finally put faces to names since I often frequent the VGCM forums. The conversation naturally was about cars, aftermarket parts (BBS RS-GT rims, OSIR carbon fiber rear valence), tuning (S3 engine components) etc - thoroughly enjoyable topics in my book!

Anyway, some of the guys have modded their cars to the extent of fitting in a bigger turbo i.e. Stage III K04 (roughly producing 245hp+ and 300lb-ft+ of torque : note that these are conservative figures). A stock GTI only puts out 197 bhp and 207lb-ft, so thats a big jump.

Was invited to have a ride in one K04 with a Unitronic remap (the car had stock intake haha!) and the power is pretty good (slams you back into your seat). 0-100 in under 6 seconds easy. The GTI's chassis is still stable and pliable (handling wise) but with all that power going through the front wheels, there was some chirping (the tyres couldn't find traction). In the wet, I imagine it would be a very scary affair.

Stayed till about 12 midnight before everyone decided to do a run on the highway but I opted out. Sounds like they had a good time though. 350Z for next week!


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Just get a Golf! haha

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