Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Found a Series III R33 GT-R Front Bumper

Now as I had disclosed in an earlier blog entry, my R33 GT-R is actually a Series II BCNR33. Hence, the bumper looks like this:

Its a very clean look and I like it, but I thought I should try getting a hold of a Series III bumper. The reason being that I had upgraded my Series II headlights to the xenons from the last model of the BCNR33 series. The Series III looks like this and yes, I just bought it today thanks to a tip off from some fellow Skyline owners (Jahax, Temujin and geber - thanks again boys!):

Just a bit of background on the car that this bumper came from. According to the rear bonnet section, the car was a late model V-Spec edition BCNR33. The tell tale paint chips of the front bumper indicate that the car was originally Awesome Blue or Aqua Blue and not Midnight Purple. However, it could just be that the previous owner had swapped in a new bumper that was originally painted blue (heck, it could have been painted in R34 Bayside Blue even). Whatever the case, one can't help but wonder what the car was like before its demise.

Notice the Nismo air ducts right in the middle? Another major difference between the Series II and Series III bumpers is that the intercooler airduct has a slightly larger opening.

First thing I did after purchasing the said item was to rush over to my painter and have him start work on restoring the bumper. It needs some minor restoration in the bottom skirt section as well as the sides. Once he has done doing that, the bumper will be colour coded to suit my car and we'll pop it on. Can't wait! Quite pleased with the purchase as the bumper came with the indicator lights, as you can see below.


Temujin said...

Good buy! Thumbs up! :)

Loki said...

Thanks bro! Now, when are you going to sort out your own Nismo ducts? :)