Sunday, February 13, 2011

What a typical Ulu Yam drive is like

I'm sure people sometimes wonder what actually happens during a Ulu Yam run.

Normally it begins with a bunch of folks conversing via an online forum (refer to the above for an example) before eventually deciding to hold a drive. This then leads to a a brainstorming session where a drive destination, a meet up point and a date is agreed upon. The next step is the hardest because it involves waiting for the actual day to arrive. On the very last night before the event, those who are committed, set their alarms and jump into bed early.... although, this is not always the case. You see, Ulu Yam drives tend to take place on Sunday mornings and since theres always something to do on a Saturday night (football, movies, dinners, clubbing etc) .... well.... you get the idea.

And so in the wee hours of Sunday morning, a bunch of grown men (some of whom drag their poor wives or girlfriends along) crawl out of bed and prepare for the long morning ahead. This involves a quick shower, maybe some breakfast on the go, a brief inspection of their car and a short drive in pitch darkness. Most go easy on their cars, letting the engine warm up for the arduous journey ahead. Others rush to half-way spots in order to meet up with other participants and convoy to the flag off point. As you pull up to the agreed meeting place, this is what you're likely to see...


While their girlfriends or wives stay put in the car (who can blame them), the men would congregate and start chit chatting about the day ahead. The still morning air begins to ooze with male bravado and testosterone as modifications stories are swapped and a debate ensues on whose car should lead the drive up to Gohtong Jaya. When nearly everyone has arrived and the men have had enough carbon monoxide in their lungs, the organisers will indicate that its time to hit the road.

One enters into a deep, almost trance like state between the period of leaving the Batu Caves Petronas and reaching the intersection of Jalan Manggis / Jalan Sungai Tua. The reason being that the route is filled with nasty potholes and unsuspecting speed bumps, forcing oneself to concentrate like Luke Skywalker and weave in and around such obstacles. Once that section of road has been surmounted, the real fun begins right at the moment you pass the reservoir lake ...

Before you know it, you've reached Ulu Yam town proper. More often than not, you can't help but feel guilty for disturbing the peace and tranquility of small town life. The convoy slowly snakes it way past built up residential and commerical areas, dodging the villagers and their motorcycles. This feeling of guilt quickly passes as you hit a series of tight uphill corners in second leg of the route...

This picture is courtesy of Woay Chee Lim

The air starts to get colder and your ears begin to pop as you make the ascend to Genting Highlands. Sometimes the weather stays crisp and sunny but at other times, it gets nasty and wet. In this recent run up to Awana Skyway mamak, the latter came true (unfortunately).

Despite the dismal weather and having to run in the rain, such discomforts are quickly forgotten as one revels in the camaraderie of like minded fellows and the ample food thats available inside.

As you tuck in into a hot roti telur sardin, you can't help but feel that it was all worth it - worth it in the sense that you woke up bloody early on a Sunday morning and sacrificed a few hours of hard earned sleep. The conversation around the table is pleasant and interesting, normally involving cars and the like. Slowly as the morning wears on and people start to take their leave, you finish off that lukewarm milo and make preparations to head back down the mountain. Sometimes its in a small convoy of friends, at other times its just by yourself, which is fine. Whats important is the drive and how much you enjoyed doing it.


Temujin said...

Excellent write up of the UY-GTJ drive bro!

Can't wait to go up again, once my car is fully set up to 1.4bar.. lol

On another note, the drive is actually kinda short. I was thinking of making it into a 3-stage event..

1- Batu Caves - Ulu Yam
2- Ulu Yam - Goh Tong Jaya
3- Goh Tong Jaya - Karak - Bukit Tinggi

What say u? ;)

Loki said...

Wah semangat! I like!

I reckon this will be a big hit with the boys as theres only so many UY-GTJ runs that one can do before it gets boring!

As for the Kermit being on a dose of 1.4 bar cocktail... It'll be like the Hulk lah!

Firdaus Asri said...


Great to join the fun that day, RB26 always on song :)


If you're into hardcore, you can use hulu langat - kuala kelawang - karak - gombak kekeke

Anonymous said...

One of the best ways to enjoy Sunday morning. Would love to bump into you guys to see these godzillas cruising on the road ;)

Loki said...

You're more than welcome to join us, Hijau. We are not elitist and welcome anyone who wants to go on our drives.

Anonymous said...

Hihi..Thanks. But my car couldn't keep up with you guys. By the time I arrive at the mamak, you guys already reach home. And I ended up having my breakfast alone.haha

Unknown said...

This was my all time favourite UY drive to date.
Pity one of the Skylines was a casualty.

But the traction from the Nissan in the rain was unbelievable.