Thursday, February 3, 2011

Purchased a second RB26DETT engine for my rebuild project

It has always been my intention to purchase a second RB26DETT. The aim was to rebuild the engine and when it was ready, pop the new powerplant into the R33 GTR. That way, I wouldn't experience any downtime and the car would not be stuck at the workshop for weeks on end. It'll also mean that I will be able to install the performance engine parts that I've been stockpiling since last year (please refer to this earlier blog entry).

Lo and behold, I was able to fulfil this goal recently. A friend of mine was looking to sell his R32 GTR's bottom block along with a R33 GTR head. He has recently embarked on a RB30DETT project and as such, will not be able to utilise the bottom block. Whats interesting about this block is that it has been rebored to fit HKS 88mm drag spec forged pistons.

One of the HKS 88mm forged pistons

The actual bottom block

After carrying out the necessary machine shop tests to check the health of the pistons as well as the bottom block and the head, I decided to purchase the lot. The pistons are in excellent condition (near new in fact), the head needed only one minor weld and skim work, while the block itself passed the water leak test. Whats especially pleasing was that the crank was not bent.

The R33 GTR head

Stock RB26 oil and water pump, which will be replaced with Tomei Oversize Oil Pump and a N1 Water Pump

Work on this second engine will start after Chinese New Year holidays and I can't wait to source all the necessary parts like Nismo bearings :).

 All of that came from this particular R32 GTR engine

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