Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hyundai vs MINI - A Counter Challenge From Korea

Hyundai has decided to enter the fray and issued a counter challenge to race / duel MINI! Watch their video challenge at the bottom of this post (Source: Ausmotive).

Hyundai's weapon of choice - their 3.8 litre V6 Genesis Coupé. Judging from the reviews the Genesis has been garnering (EVO magazine gave it 4 starts out of 5), it might not be all smooth sailing for MINI during race day at Road Atlanta.

It should be noted that the Genesis is designed to go toe to toe with the Nissan 370Z and not a super-mini like the Mini Cooper S.

MINI's PR stunt has taken an interesting turn but it all depends on whether they are willing to accept a challenge from an inferior brand, one that is not German and not someone they are expected compete with in the showroom.

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