Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mini vs Porsche - A win for Porsche, as expected

As it turns out, Porsche did accept MINI's race challenge and promptly thrashed the upstart. No doubt the German performance marque grew tired of MINI's repeated calls for a race, like this hilarious video which features the Cooper S as it punishes itself in pursuit for all-out motorsports glory! Rocky style, complete with 80s music!

Despite the fact that MINI created a autocross track at Road Atlanta's infield, which was designed to maximize the Mini Cooper S' abilities and to negate the 911's high-speed prowess, the Cooper lost by a full two seconds.

As some of you might have guessed, the main aim of MINI's PR stunt was not to beat the 911 but to point out the best-bang-for-bucks value proposition of the Cooper S - that the difference between the two cars was only $38,000 US dollars a second. For those of us who are into motorsports, the additional $76,000 might be money well spent - especially when it comes to achieving the best lap time at the track. I guess MINI should have taken up Hyundai’s challenge instead but at the end of the day, the company got what it wanted, which was to promote their product alongside a motoring legend, the 911.

Be sure watch the race and two introductory videos, including a thoroughly amusing explanation as to why MINI opted for an autocross track and not the full track at Road Atlanta. All three can be viewed below.

[Source: Autoblog and Facebook]

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