Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MINI vs Porsche

The man in the picture is Jim McDowell, President of MINI USA and a former Porsche employee. In the video found below, Jim lays down a challenge to Porsche by daring them to race a Mini. Clearly a PR stunt and in line with MINI's aggressive marketing schemes deployed around the world since the car was launched back in 2001.

Jim and MINI have proposed a date for the showdown which will take place on 21st of June (Midsummers Day). The weapons for this duel? A Mini Cooper S and a Porsche 911. The place? Road Atlanta, a purpose-built 4km long track close to Porsche USA's headquarters.

Now get this - Porsche seem very interested to take up the challenge. Steve Janisse, Porsche’s Media Relations Manager has said that, “Porsche has the most racing victories of any manufacturer out there – 28,000 and counting – maybe we should go for 28,001.”

It is interesting to note that Road Atlanta has 12 turns, including the famous "esses" between turns three and five; and Turn 12, a downhill, diving turn.

Should be a pretty awesome grudge match.

Game on!

Theres more info available over at

[Source: Ausmotive via Jalopnik via Kilometer Magazine]


Firdaus Asri said...

Surely Porsche ain't going to do a walk on the park with MCS, pretty interesting fight :)

Loki said...

Too many straights for the 911 I reckon hehe but nevertheless, interesting gimmick from MINI ;).