Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Has Been Fully Restored

Car was completed just in time for my dad's birthday (a month back).

Last minute prep at the workshop.

We surprised my dad on a bright, sunny Sunday morning. We gave him an excuse of early morning tennis - which we did end up doing - but it was the manner in which he got to the tennis court that would be the highlight of his birth day.

You can't put a price on the smile that lighted up his face as he saw the car. I'm so glad that me and my sister undertook this 6 month project.

The moment he got into the driver's seat, my dad reminisced about the picture that we took of me when I was five years old, seated in the driver's seat with my dad standing by the door (I still have that picture which is hanging from my living room wall). We quickly did a re-enactment of that picture but this time I'm clearly somewhat grown up.

True fact - my dad used to drive his GT Junior from KL to Muar every weekend in the late 70s - through winding rubber estate roads - taking naps along the way before reaching his parent's house. I was too young to follow but my sis still remembers the long drives in the red Alfa...

Even though my dad isn't as young as he used to be, the moment he started the engine, the years just shed off him. Everything came back. He knew how to shift the gears when it came time to go back to gear one (you have to shift to gear two before going to first). The lack of power steering did not at all affect his driving. He was taking turns with aplomb and gusto. Revved the engine to let the twin Alfa carbs howl as we made our way to the tennis courts. He was that happy.

And I have to say that the car drives like a dream. Its such a far cry from the one I drove up to Awana Genting during the Alfa Romeo Centennial Celebration Drive. Six months of hard work has turned it back into what GTV 2000 Bertone should be - classic awesomeness.

If your dad is a car nut and has always hankered for a particular car, get it for him and do it up. The best birthday gift a son or daughter could ever give to a parent and it doesn't cost a bomb if you plan it right!

At the tennis center

Had a good game and we finished with brunch

Safely tucked away till the next time my dad wants to take the bella out


Anonymous said...

aw...good write up :)

Nj said...

Hey, I must say that's one of the best birthday present from children to their father. He surely appreciate your effort.
Im currently taking care of the same car,bought by father when I was little,and yeah I think I have some pictures of little me with the car somewhere. Are you in Klang Valley area?