Sunday, November 28, 2010

Italia Auto Ulu Yam Dawn Run

Finally managed to have a shakedown run to get a feel of the new car. I guess theres no further need to hide the identity of the vehicle as its pretty obvious. Its a 1997 R33 Skyline GTR (BCNR33).

I invited Temujin, a member of the Skyline Club of Malaysia, to come along in his R32 GTR (BNR32) which had recently come out from GT Auto with a dyno figure of 380 bhp. He too wanted to have a shakedown session to get a 'feel' of the Angry Kermit (his car is green you see).

The meeting point for this weekend's run was at Petronas Batu Caves and as the title of this post clearly indicates, we were running with the Italia Auto boys (IA). I arrived at 7 am and it was a massive turnout. Nearly 40 cars, mostly Italians (Alfas and Fiats) but also some Frenchies, a Lotus and our JDMs (Temujin's R32 GTR, my R33 GTR and ToE's R35 GTR).

The weather was beautiful and the sun had just risen as we roared our way past the lake on the outskirts of Kampung Batang Batu (the settlement before Ulu Yam town). The car handled really well and is a testament to my foreman who serviced it after I had purchased the GTR. He made sure that the car was refreshed, not only in terms of consumables but also with parts that needed to be replaced due to wear and tear (long story). Although I do have to say that the twin turbo setup which makes quite a large amount of power, takes some getting used to especially when taking sharp corners (nearly did a drift at one stretch of the road). Gotta get used to braking early and ease off in the turn then power out.

From Ulu Yam, we then made our way to Gohtong Jaya to have breakfast at the mamak next to Hotel Seri Malaysia. Had a great time catching up with some of the IA guys and looking at each others' cars. Some Golf GTI buddies of mine from the Volkswagen Golf Club of Malaysia, who were in the area, dropped by to have a look at the GTR. Got to catch up with them as well before they headed down to GT Auto for a dyno day.

Here is footage taken by ognam of IA, which he edited into a video for our viewing pleasure. Especially liked that early bit of the silver car rolling into the Petronas station ;).

Till the next run which will take place in 2 weeks time - hehe - drive safe

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Firdaus Asri said...

Once the new parts are inside the hood with 2.8 stroker kit, it's going to be a Godzilla on the road :)