Tuesday, November 30, 2010

R33 GTR Upgrades: Splitfire Super Direct DI Ignition System Installed

Due to excessive engine heat, RB26DETT coilpacks tend to get faulty over time. As a preventive measure, some owners make the upgrade to the Splitfire Super Direct DI Ignition System and this is what I have just done recently. The system replaces the original coil pack and ignition wires with a direct ignition coil on plug system. Not only does the upgrade give me peace of mind but the coilpacks also increase ignition performance.

You see, the Super Direct DI Ignition System is designed to provide a constant, stable voltage for the engine and will decrease ignition voltage loss at high RPM levels. With the Splitfire coilpacks installed, the following benefits can logically be gained :-

- Increased horsepower at the top end of the RPM band
- Ensures and maintains maximum energy supplied to the spark plugs
- Reduces incomplete combustion caused by misfire
- Eliminates RFI (radio frequency interference) by eliminating the need for a wire set

After the installation, there is major difference when I'm turning on the ignition. The engine starts up immediately, revs smoother and is far more responsive. Some people say that you are bound to feel all these things when replacing old and worn parts with something new. In fact, I did feel something similar when I replaced the old spark plugs with NGK Iridium IX units. Either way, I'm happy with my purchase as the car has responded well to the upgrades.

Next up, installation of Nismo engine and gearbox mounts. Followed by Whiteline suspension parts.

The Splitfire Super Direct DI Ignition System (Boxed)

The old coils which were probably in there since the time engine left the factory

Side by side comparison

The first Splitfire goes in

Joined by the others

Cables go back on before the engine's cover is closed

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