Monday, February 21, 2011

Update (with pictures): R35 GT-R catches on fire after colliding with a Volkswagen MK6 Golf GTI

For the earlier part of the story, as well as the video of the crash, head on over to my previous blog entry.

More pictures can be found at the bottom of this entry

Thanks to information passed from friends of the R35 GT-R owner, there were no casulties nor injuries. The incident did indeed happen on a stretch of road near Kuala Klawang. There is however, differing views on how the two cars came into contact.

Story A
This information is from an R35 owner who knows some of the members of the GT-R convoy. Two groups of cars were traveling on opposite lanes in an area near Kuala Klawang. The Golf GTI was part of a group that was coming back from a drive in Bukit Putus. They were traveling from the direction the video was taken. The two cars met with a collision and the GT-R came to rest in the brush whereupon it caught fire. Fortunately the occupants were able to disembark and save themselves from the proceeding confulgration.

Story B
According to a mechanic friend of the owner of the burnt R35, the car had been on a spirited run a few hours before the accident. Upon being hit in the rear by the Golf GTI, the car came to a full stop at the side of the road. The GT-R's hot exhaust pipes then came into contact with the local foliage (dry leaves) and this started a fire. A puny fire extinguisher that they had at the scene was not sufficient to put out the blaze, which eventually went on to consume the whole car.

Pictures courtesy of Zerotohundred member Convict:


Anonymous said...

Thank god nobody were injured.
Drive safe..

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Matte black r35 to me. There isnt many in Malaysia so any idea what carplate is it?

Anonymous said...

I dont think it was a fontal colision as per the 1st story/version, as the GTR's front still looks intact.

Anonymous said...

is it the PGT plate car?..

Anonymous said...

I think should be The PGT 3 matte black R35

Anonymous said...

pgt 3 is alive and healthy

Temujin said...

Wah.. So many Anon here.. And every Anon was speculating on whose unfortunate R35.. Lol

Anonymous said...

The GTI enter the corner too fast, car couldn't take it, understeered and bang into the driver door of the gtr, causing the gtr to go into the bushes

Anonymous said...

the gtr crossed over the double white lines onto the gti's side going round the blind corner. Saw the gti too late to get back onto its own side and also the gti was coming around too fast to brake in time.

As for the hot exhaust starting a fire on dry leafs - this is not possible as smoke starting coming out from the car within 5 minutes of it being in the ditch.

as an experiment try putting some burning newspapers under a car and see if it'll burn within 5 mins - not possible.

definately a fuel leak somewhere.

Anonymous said...

YOu are wrong

the Golf GTI crossed the line.

There was 3 cars and the gtr that crashed is the 3rd car.

when the first car on the gtr side exited the corner, the whole golf gti is on their lane, the golf gti immediately move back into his lane, but 1/2 car still on the other lane beside, then come a 2nd car whcih is a gtr, the gtr manage to avoid that crash causing gti. (can those gti people understand that car is shit and not designed to go those speed? handling is shit as well) then come the 3rd gtr, by the time the gti is already understeering, car not responding to turning hence the gti banged on the gtr's driver door, and immediately the gtr turned into the bushes.

there are more story behind, but for those who don't know, don't blame the gtr, the gti even hit the porsche which he was trying to win on his lane.

Anonymous said...

the owner of the GTR is Kenneth. Drives like GOD, but the total opposite like a DOG!

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It's good to hear that no one was seriously hurt from this accident. Those pictures look really fatal.

Anthony said...

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