Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010 Lotus F1 car captured ahead of Friday official reveal have released the first image of what they believe is the new Lotus F1 car. The photo was captured on Tuesday during the team’s shakedown at Silverstone. Speaking on twitter, Team Principal, Tony Fernandes stated, “Shakedown started. Quite a few tears.”

Lotus’ first test-run at Silverstone was emotional on a lot of levels for those involved in the team’s return to Formula One racing. Even the Lotus’ team principal, admitted that he got emotional after watching the car make its first test run around Silverstone.

According to the Lotus website, the first Lotus F1 car of the 21st century is due for an official reveal in London on Friday. The car will then be sent to the Jerez Circuit in Spain next Wednesday for the first series of official tests. It cannot be denied that one of the most successful F1 outfits in history has come back to, dare I say, restore its lost glory.

Malaysia boleh :)

UPDATE (13/02/10)

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