Saturday, February 13, 2010

The importance of racial harmony

While having Saturday brunch at the Lotus family restaurant on Jalan Gasing (PJ), I was flipping through the Star newspaper and came across Petronas' annual Chinese New Year full page advert.

It showed a well built Chinese gentleman and his daughter, holding hands. The man was coming home from work and was clearly strong because over his left shoulder, he was carrying a large ratan basket containing tiffin pots and other miscellaneous items. The main gist of the advert was that you will always see your father as the unbreakable rock in your life but our roles will be reversed as he ages and there will come a time, when he will have to lean on you. This was a very touching advert and showed the unbreakable bond between father and daughter.

The advert also made me think just how similar all the races are in this country of ours. We are all "fathers and daughters". We want nothing but the best for our children. Here I was, a Malay, eating delicious Indian food while looking at an advert meant to celebrate a major Chinese festival. This was a "feel good" moment for me.

Another thing we must take away from this advert is that racial harmony is something to be cherished and maintained. Malaysian way of life would not be possible without the presence of all the mixed races. Just like the bond between a parent and a child, the links between all Malaysian races are unbreakable and during times of hardship, we must learn to lean on each other.

I all my Chinese readers, happy new year and Gong Xi Fa Cai. Drive safe everyone and take care.

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