Saturday, February 20, 2010

Zerotohundred Fairlady Club Putrajaya Photoshoot (November 2009)

I took part in the ZTH Fairlady Club photoshoot in Putrajaya that was held in November of last year. It was well organized and well supported, with a very large turnout of club members. We even had a couple of boys from the ZTH RX8 Club who were disciplined enough to wake up early on a weekend!

We convoyed from the rendezvous point in TTDI to Putrajaya around 10 am. Prior to leaving, we had breakfast at a local shop. It was indeed, a beautiful day.

Here are videos of the convoy in action (videos are courtesy of fellow 350Z owner, James). Needless to say, the roads that day were filled with the beautiful sounds of aftermarket 350Z exhausts. Everyone displayed great convoy discipline and we responsibly enjoyed ourselves on the highways. You might be able to spot me in one of the vids :)

I took this at the bridge heading into Cyberjaya, right before someone had a duel with a Mat Salleh in a Nissan S15 haha! You know who you are! Our last stop was at Cyberjaya Old Town Coffee for lunch. And so the day officially ended. Most of us hit the highways and headed back to Sunway.

The last Zeds I saw before reaching home were Z-Ice and another white Fairlady right as they were getting off at Section 16 / Phileo Damansara exit and a Z32 along Sprint Highway, just after Bukit Kiara Golf Club.

All in all, a great day! One for the photo albums.


Anonymous said...

sory boder u...just want 2 know...where 2 buy scnd fairlady???...i takut kalau kereta curi...hanya ingin mengetahui...=)

Anonymous said...

how to join this club??