Thursday, February 18, 2010

My personal take on the new Volkswagen Polo GTI

The Official Line
"The Volkswagen Polo GTI weighs in at a mere 1,184kg meaning 0-100km/h times of 6.9 seconds and a top speed of 229km/h.

The new 2010 Polo GTI packs the same 1.4-liter TSI gasoline engine with turbo- and supercharging as the Seat Ibiza Cupra with an estimated output of 180 horsepower and a hefty 250Nm or 184 lb-ft of torque, available from 2,000 to 4,500 rpm.

The sporty engine is mated to a compact seven-speed DSG (twin clutch) transmission that in turn drives the front wheels. The new Polo GTI is also fitted with Volkswagen’s XDS electronic cross-axle traction control differential system – as found on the Volkswagen Golf GTI – for improved traction and handling. ESC is also standard".

In Reality
Now according to APR's website:

Current 1.8T Polo GTI with chip / engine remap - 152kw 328nm
New 1.4 Twincharge with chip / engine remap - 151kw 317nm

Since the new Polo GTI is available with DSG, I expect the car to be way faster.

Furthermore, with DSG + XDS, the new car might be able to overcome the limitations of modding the current Polo GTI — torque steer and power understeer, but I guess it all depends on how much torque the new DSG box can handle.

Fast, small, easy to park, great looking - whats not to love? Just needs bigger wheels and a tad lowered. Huffs would make this VeeDub look super aggressive and mean. Definitely getting this when it arrives on our shores (unless the Scirocco R comes in early - which it probably will).

Now wheres the steering wheel controls, Volkswagen?

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Firdaus Asri said...

I've a hunch this Polo works better as racing car than the Golf! God it looks great!