Thursday, December 30, 2010

1992 R32 GTR Skyline Going For RM85,000

This car came up for sale in the Zerotohundred Skyline Club forum

This BNR32 is being imported into Malaysia, from the UK, on a student AP. As such, ownership is not transferable until two years has lapsed starting from the time the car is registered.

Note: If the student were to die, the new owner has to make sure that a signed transfer application to a relative of the student is ready - not to mention the transfer of ownership form signed by the relative to the new owner as well. Talk about complicated but here is a chance for someone to own an old school Godzilla.

80,xxx kms


import car from uk. use student AP.
cash buyer only. tiptop condition.

Efendi - 0104265404 / 0192128085


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Temujin said...

Is Eric buying the car? Doubt it as it is using a student AP.. Plus this Efendi guy has not bought the car yet.. He's not the AP holder, just trying to run the biz..