Saturday, December 11, 2010

R33 GT-R Upgrades: Recent mods in pictures

A lot of changes have taken place in recent weeks and the car is better for it.

So without futher ado, lets list down what has been done so far with pictures (was unable to take a picture of the Goodridge Braided Brake Hose):

Installed: The Tomei Fuel Regulator Type L and the Cusco Oil Catch Tank

A closer look at the Tomei Fuel Regulator - both the regulator, along with the Tomei Fuel Pump, have made a major positive contribution to how the car accelerates

The Cusco Oil Catch Tank - only time will tell if it really helps the engine

The Nismo Aluminium Shift Knob - feels so much better now when shifting

The Whiteline swaybars and bushings installed - the car feels really planted and the suspension well dampened - almost feels like a brand new car!

New Apexi Power Intake Pod Filters - engine runs smoother

BCNR33 4 Pot Front Brembos (with new brake pads and rotors skimmed) - amazing stopping power

BCNR33 Rear 2 Pot Brembos (with new brake pads and rotors skimmed)


Firdaus Asri said...

Your quest for mods is almost there I guess except perhaps cams and dynotune or RIPS RB30 block maybe hehehe

Eh bro what happened to your Kouki?

Loki said...

Hey bro, that Kouki's owner wasnt being truthful with me about the car so I did not go ahead with the purchase of the S14.

Which was a good thing as I found a gem of a R33 GTR as a result!

Eu Jin said...

Nice. Looks like you got the brakes in already. Any plans to go bigger brakes? :P