Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Day In The Life Of A Italian Model

I'm not sure if anyone knows this but the R33 GTR isn't my first project car. That honour belongs to my 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Bertone.

So anyway, a friend from the Italia Auto Club of Malaysia informed me that he was organising a car calendar (complete with Nicole Mok, a local model) featuring only Italian cars. From timeless classics, right up to modern day bellas. In order to see if such a project was feasible, he wanted to hold a trial run. And that is how this photoshoot came about. I'm up for anything related to cars, so how could I say no to a fellow motoring enthusiast?

The shoot took place at Jemima Films on Jalan Tun Razak. This Kuala Lumpur landmark is home to a large collection of classic cars which are mainly used for movies and weddings. There were some temporary additions to the collection as five cars rolled through it's gates on the day of the shoot - my GTV, an Alfa Romeo Mito, an Alfa Romeo 155, a Fiat Bravo GT & a Fiat Turbo 20V Coupe. To our surprise, a bright yellow Ferrari Dino from the Jemima collection was also included and this old classic supercar was duly rolled onto the set. It was missing its engine at the time you see, so everyone pitched in and helped push the Italian stallion into position. Hard work but it was all worth it.

The Italians


 The model

The rig

The photographers

And lastly, here's a taste of whats to come ;)

The people who made it happen...

... and heres proof of it! Enjoy the video!


anfield devotee said...

Was great to finally meet ye in person.

And yes, yer ride is one sweet looking machine. We was scared to even touch it fer fear of smearing the immaculate paintwork.

It was great fun though me thinks we should have given the manc a good kicking . . . he he.

BTW here's me posting:

gunsirit said...

I like classic cars too but don't have the money to restore one..:(

Anonymous said...

Loki, mind if I ask what calendar is it? Is it possible for me to buy it?

Loki said...

Hey Hijau,

We're waiting to hear back from the organiser as to whether it'll actually go into print.

I'll let you know ;).

Anonymous said...

Thanks Loki :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the post. I drove down Jln Tun Razak yesterday, and was saddened to see that the Jemima Films office had been reduced to a pile of rubble, and will no doubt be replaced by another "much-needed" boxy and empty condo or office tower. Ringgit and sens, huh?
You're right in saying the building WAS a true KL landmark. What angers me is that the building's architectural style was true Art Deco / vintage, or what could call a "ship house", its shapes taking inspiration from grand ocean-liners of yore.
All over the world, glamorous buildings of this type are nowadays treasured and preserved and transformed into snazzy clubs and hotels and restaurants. Not in KL - a similarly striking building of the Majestic Cinema in Jalan Pudu was razed in 2006, and is now an empty parking lot.
Surely the building could have been at least turned into an office-lunch hangout for the many adjacent and upcoming office buildings?...
Sad to see KL history disappearing before our very eyes.
Best wishes,