Sunday, January 23, 2011

New mods have arrived from Japan

Thanks to the folks at neweraparts, I've received some goodies that I ordered in late 2010. 

They are as follows:
  • D-Speed Indicators - R33 Skyline GTR - Clear
  • HKS Special Piping Kit for GTR
  • HKS Racing Chamber Kit
  • Tomei Oil Filler Cap
  • Billion Super Solid Coolant Line
  • Border Bumper Side Duct for R33 GTR
  • Nismo Racing Radiator Cap
Since the items were delivered via airfreight, I had to collect the shipment at Pos Malaysia's Mail & Courier Centre, which is located next to our Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). I also had to pay tax but thats a story for another day ;).

The conveyor belt at the Pos Malaysia centre - this is where you physically receive your package - I wonder what goodies like beyond this particular portal ;)

The part that stands out from this particular shipment has to be the Border Racing Bumper Side Duct for BCNR33:

The BNR33 GTR Side Duct set from Border Racing is an elegant design that suits the OEM Bumper.
When oil coolers are installed in the front side of the bumper, more airflow is required. These Border Racing ducts can offer greater airflow capacity when oil coolers are set in the side vents of the front bumper. It uses the OEM front turn signal in the duct and looks great in place of the original mount.

All part of a grand plan to turn my car into something like this Australian beauty. Go Victorian BCNR33s!


Firdaus Asri said...

Bro, how much you paid to Custom? hehehe

Loki said...

I'll tell you after my other shipments arrive ;).

keatloon said...

how u know u needed to pay tax ah? they notify u or something?

cos i order some stuff from us also, nearing 2 weeks... nothing appear in the mail...

Firdaus Asri said...


Normally you would be getting a call from Pos Malaysia/DHL about the status of your parcel if it got stucked in customs. Normally if the cost of the goods + shipping cost + insurance > RM500, you'd be likely to pay 40% of that. Been there done that ...

Firdaus Asri said...

That applies to automotive parts others are cheaper rate I guess

Anonymous said...

In spite of busy with the mods, your car always look shiny..what a good job done

Loki said...

Cheers for answering keatloon's question Firdaus.

And thanks HIJAU :). I'm still contemplating if I should repaint my car.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what colour will you choose if you're gonna repaint it.because as far as I know most of your cars are i right? ;)

Loki said...

Correct! I find that its the easiest to maintain and shows off the curves of a car far better than any other colour.

Anonymous said...

Then you don't have to repaint la..