Thursday, January 6, 2011

Movies Worth Watching - "The Town"

Watched "The Town" on the plane recently. Starring and directed by Ben Afleck with "Hurt Locker's" star, Jeremy Renner, in a supporting role. Blake Lively of "Gossip Girl" fame is here as well and she definitely is trying to not get typecasted by playing a gritty role - good effort.

The movie is about a rough Irish-American neighourbood in Boston called Charlestowne, which is infamous for producing the most number of bank and armored car robbers the country. Sort of like a father and son tradition. Typical Ben Affleck stuff, being that he is from this fair city. Gotta love the thick Boston accent.

Great acting with romance and fast paced action, sort of like a newer version of "Heat" (Val Kilmer, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino). Very American gangland genre. Worth watching.

**** ½ (I'll give it four and a half stars) =D>

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