Sunday, January 9, 2011

R33 GTR Upgrade: Kakimoto Racing Full Mega N1

I initially had gone with a HKS Super Drager exhaust setup but found it to be lacking in the sound department. It was installed while I was out of town in December 2010. This entry was actually supposed to be about the HKS system but lets face it, aftermarket exhausts are meant to straddle a fine line between satisfying legal sound decibel standards in countries like Japan, while at same time, meeting car owner expectations. Its a compromise and honestly, nobody likes to compromise unless they really have to.

As for some, exhaust note is a non-issue but for me, its paramount. The R33 GTR is meant to be a fun weekend car. Exhaust note is crucial to the enjoyment of the Skyline as my daily cars are well mannered and refined. So yesterday, I was on a quest to find a suitable replacement to replace the HKS exhaust. 

Which brings us to Mun Lee Autoparts, probably one of the biggest sparepart and halfcut vendor in the Klang Valley area.

 Mun Lee's Puchong warehouse - mind boggling

I actually went to Mun Lee because my personal mechanic said that there was likelihood of finding at least something in that bazaar of automotive parts. And there was. A used Kakimoto Racing Full Mega N1 exhaust set had just arrived from Japan a few days ago via container. It looked in good condition and I purchased it. Why? According to this thread on, Kakimoto N1s are known to be louder than other aftermarket exhausts and their website actually rates the N1 at 93db. Nice! Just what I was looking for. With prize in hand (or in boot rather), I made my way to an exhaust shop that I've frequented in the past.

 The N1 being fitted

Upon reaching the Segambut workshop, the car was promptly hoisted up and the exhaust lined up for fitting. I decided to forgo the mid box (no catalytic convertor either) as I wanted a straight flow setup for power. It was my hope too that this arrangement would also generate a rip roaring exhaust note. I hope everyone realises that I was taking a big risk here because I wasn't sure as to whether such a setup would produce a good sound. At the same time, I was concerned that there might be severe in-cabin droning! 

 One weld had to be done to complete the straight flow setup

Once the smell of welded steel had dissipated, came the moment of the truth. The hoist was brought down and the engine started. Couple of revs later and I was a satisfied customer. The exhaust note was deep throated enough to put hair on a full grown man's chest! No droning too! 

First impressions upon sitting inside the car made me reconsider this setup as it sounded a tad bit too loud but after driving it around, I came to realise that I needed to get used to the new sound. The HKS Super Drager was that subdued! Each to his own, as others love the HKS exhaust. Well, I love my Kakimoto Racing Full Mega N1 :). Will post up a video of the exhaust sometime in the near future.

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