Wednesday, January 5, 2011

R33 GTR Progress Update - Apexi Power FC Commander & Hand Controller Time!

Back in KL after a long hiatus.

The car has reached a stage where nearly all outside-the-engine upgrades have been carried out. The last work that was done to the car was to replace the oil and water pumps, followed by all the timing belts. The Greddy Oil Cooler (with relocation kit) was also installed during this time. Further soundproofing and sealant work was done throughout the car to remove some annoying rattles. Lastly, the gearshift and handbrake leather trims (gaiter / boots) were also changed as they were getting pretty worn out:

So whats next? Well, its time to install the Apexi Power FC and Hand Controller unit. That means the E-Manage that came with the car will have to go. 

 Apexi Power FC (ECU)
 Hand Controller 

Now the question is, should I mount it on the dashboard with velcro or keep it hidden in the glove compartment? Decisions, decisions!


Temujin said...

Hide the controller. Ur not going to fiddle with it after completing its tuning on Friday kan?

Plus, less of attraction to would be arseholes..

Loki said...

True. Thats what Eujin recommended as well. Odd that your saying this though, as yours is attached to Kermit's dashboard!

Temujin said...

Eh.. Sejak bila I have controller.. The only thing on my dash is a crappy old CD player.. Hehehe

Hatta said...

Emanage Ultimate or Emanage Blue? How much you sell?hehehe

Anonymous said...

What's the functions of the hand controller, Loki? Do you mind explaining?

Loki said...

Temujin: Eh? I could have sworn you had one on the dash, or maybe I'm confusing Temujin's insides with Eujin's GTT!

Hatta: E-Manage Blue bro :).

Anon: In a nutshell, the hand controller is used to display readings and also to edit your tune. However, 99% of tuners will not use the hand controller to tune the PFC as it would take way too long! What the hand controller is really handy for is to monitor knocking and you can also use it to check if your oxygen sensors are malfunctioning.