Monday, January 10, 2011

Dyno'ed the R33 GTR - Dyno Sheet, Pictures & Videos Included

Dyno'ed the R33 GTR at N1 Racing's Dynojet rig on the 8th of January 2011.

For a 13 year old car with her stock RB26DETT internals and turbos, shes putting out approximately 347.25 whp and 42.68 torque at the wheel. The car was pushing 1.25 bar of boost at 7500 rpm. 

The only performance mods that she had on were:

- Kakimoto Racing Full Mega N1 exhaust
 - Trust downpipe
 - HKS oil cooler
 - Custom de-cat pipe
 - Custom intercooler
 - Apexi induction kit
 - Apexi PFC with boost control

Quite happy with the dyno results. Here are some pics and vids I took of the car while it was being dynoed.


CasperR said...

You just got yourself a loyal fan :) The 2nd in the Skyline community.

Loki said...

I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blog entries and thank you for your continued support! ;)

myiQ said...

Can see your plate car reg num in the video. Try to edit it in any video editing software :)

Nice & fast car indeed...